What is Hellow Success and Who is Linda Hellow

I am a mother of two handsome sons and four beautiful grandchildren.

I currently work (and sometimes play) in a casino.  BUT, I am working hard to develop my true calling as an online entrepreneur.  When I say “working hard” I mean that it is not hard to become an online business person, but it does take  hard work, dedication and determination to be successful.

There is no such thing as an “instant money system with no work required!”  If someone promises that…..they are not being truthful.  If it seems too easy, then be cautious because there will be a catch and you will not be successful.

Why did I decide to start Hellow Marketing….at my age??

Well, my life took a turn into a direction I had not planned for and I had to make some hard decisions. My husband of 15 years suddenly passed away and I found myself in a looking at  bleak options.  I would either have to work for the casinos until I too pass away, or I could start my own business and work for myself. 

Being the kind of person who would not re happy retiring to a life of “doing nothing”…..
I opted to make a fresh start and build my own marketing business, yes even at my age I want to be productive and busy.  This way, I can still do the things I want to do in “retirement” and continue to make a good living.

So, here I am, starting from scratch (so to speak) and loving the challenge  of learning new abilities, making new friends, building my team, and being in charge of my life!

Let me show you how easy it is to be successful in your own business!

And in my very spare time, I kill monsters and other creatures online (everyone needs a hobby!)

Born and raised in the Midwest (Michigan to be exact), I decided that snow, rain, and humidity are not my style, so I moved to fabulous Las Vegas many years ago…and I love it here.

What’s not to love?

Where else can you visit the Eiffel Tower, a medieval castle, and a pyramid, all within a few blocks of each other?


I can see myself becoming the proverbial “snow bird” (in reverse) where I spend my summers with my family in the Midwest and the rest of my time wither here in my Vegas home or traveling to places on my bucket list.

But, travel requires time (free from the obligation of working for someone else) and money (the means to travel anywhere in the world at will).  My retirement funds won’t cut it, so that means I need to build another source of wealth….which is what I am finally doing!

Let me show you how to say “Hellow to Success

Let me help you find your dream live…the one where YOU are in charge of your finances and your future.

Stop making money for your “boss” only to be handed barely enough money to cover your food and shelter, never mind having the ability to travel or purchase nice, new things.

No matter how hard you work for somebody else, you still won’t make enough to become the independent person you know you want to be.

So stop wasting time and get started on your successful future TODAY!

Join me today and I will show you how to say “Hellow to Success

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